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This Teen Surgeon Filled A Big Hole In His Brain With An IQ of 145

Posted November 21, 2022 | Reviewed by Theresa Wallace

Did You Know That Stress Cause Holes In The Brain?

Stress is built and sustained by certain hormones that circulate throughout the body and the brain. These stress hormones are what makes it very bad for our brain tissue, simply because they can eat away at our brain tissues.

If you are experiencing difficulties with memories or setting priorities, these could mean that stress is eating up your brain tissues at your hippocampus or the frontal lobe, the area of the brain which is responsible for managing higher level cognitive skills.

Though our bodies are designed to combat stress by releasing the hormone, cortisol, our body is unfortunately not built to fight high levels of stress for long periods of time. That’s why our brain tissue gets eaten away progressively.

Similarly, neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s diseases, dementia are also caused by the death of these neurons. At first, these neurons may only be at the damaged stage, but as we age, these neurons die without the ability to replace itself. As a result, our brain shrinks, affecting our mental functioning, movement and ability to breathe or speak.

The Role Of Oxygen In Brain Healing

In order for your brain to repair and regenerate new brain tissue, the most important element that a brain simply must have during recovery is oxygen. According to the findings of brain neurosurgeon Dr. Charles, sesquiterpene that is found in sandalwood can pass through the blood-brain barrier to deliver oxygen molecules directly to the brain cells. As a result, this chemical compound can enter our limbic system to speed up the recovery of our brain via our olfactory bulb.

Wholesome Benefits Of Sandalwood (Santalum Album)

1. Oxygenates the brain – The sesquiterpenes in sandalwood help bring more oxygen to damaged brain cells to fuel healing processes and speed up brain recovery.

2. Improves cognition and memory - The fragrance molecules of sandalwood have shown to interact with glutamate receptors in the brain, which enhances learning and memory.

3. Increase alertness and focus – Studies have found that sandalwood decreases systolic blood pressure, which allows subjects to have higher alertness.

4. Reduces tension and anxiety – The alpha-santalol found in sandalwood acts in a similar way to anti-anxiety medication as it decreases anxiety by relaxing and calming the nervous system.

5. Ensures a good night’s sleep – This proven relaxant is shown to have sedative effects that assists with better quality sleep, making it an ideal for those with insomnia.

From Dementia To Mastermind

Tom was 63 years old when he retired from being a university professor for 25 years. Why was he forced into retirement? He started forgetting the lectures he had given for years, getting lost in papers when he was grading and losing his ability to read.

This was how he used Asusto™ to overcome his challenges given by dementia.

Day 3

Despite him getting irritated often in life whenever he couldn’t handle the fact that he lost his career due to dementia, he was calm and result-oriented after his wife diffused Asusto™ for 3 days. He began to try reading again.

Day 7

A week later, Tom was able to read storybooks for his grandchildren without any mistake! He finally started opening up to his friends and agreed to catch up after isolating himself at home for months. Tom’s family was even happy to witness how he was able to remember when he had taken his meal and where he placed his glasses.

Day 14

Completely fine again, Tom was happy and in tears that he didn’t allow dementia to have him. Because today, Tom could remember everything without relying on a notebook or his family members. Even though he lost his career that he loved so much, he began teaching by writing a book. Spending the rest of his time productively, Tom was even able to help his daughter take care of his new grandchild.

No one could ever know what’s happening behind the scenes. The time to act is now before it is too late. Why let stress influence your outcome when you could have gotten better results?

Life may be hard. But with every up and down, you could have tools that will make you strong.

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