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Asusto™: An Aspiring Solution
All-natural Nootropic Essential Oil

Asusto™ is a sandalwood essential oil that provides more than just stress-relieving and mood-enhancing benefits as it also holds the ability to transcend one’s brainpower!

The Gifted Benefits of Asusto™

  • Regenerates brain cells and prevents neurodegeneration
  • Strengthens cognitive function, mental performance and memory
  • Enhances productivity, creativity and critical thinking
  • Reduces brain fog and improves brain clarity
  • Boosts alertness, energy and mood
  • Decreases anxiety and stress
The Basic Units Of Life

Neurons are utmost essential for every action that our body and brain carry out. Using electrical and chemical signs, they help coordinate all the necessary functions of life such as how we should act and how our heart rate should be. It is what allows us to think and remember what is going on.

Whether it was an injury to the head, stress, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s diseases or the daily loss of brain cells as we age, the consequences are similar and they affect everyone when our brain neurons are damaged or gone. These consequences include memory loss, forgetfulness, mood changes, anxiety, agitation, difficulty with communication, a decline in reading comprehension and the onset of learning disabilities. Some may even experience vision or movement problems, depending on which area of the brain was affected by the loss of the neurons.

Fortunately, sandalwood is found to be able to repair damaged neurons and replace the lost of neurons to keep our brain healthily functioning at its peak for a long time. Highly concentrated with this neuroprotective ingredient, Asusto™ is the gateway to now make anything impossible possible.

How Asusto™ Works Within

When the aroma of Asusto™ is inhaled, the tiny molecules enter the nasal passage to meet our olfactory nerves. Then, these molecules are able to travel directly to our brain from the nerves as they get absorbed into our limbic system.

During this process, the part of the brain involved with memory, retention and recollection will be stimulated to shorten our learning curve and improve our memory. As the compounds of sandalwood are now in our brain, the alpha-santalol will improve our mood and concentration whereas the sesquiterpene strengthens our brain while we relax.

Combined with ashwagandha, an Ayurvedic herb, Asusto™ can improve our cognitive performance, reduce reaction time, increase spatial and visual memory while protecting our brain from stress and degeneration.

Mode Of Use
Add 3 to 4 drops of Asusto™ into the amount of water needed in your diffuser. Then, breathe in the soothing aroma to improve cognitive performance.
Topical Application
Mix a few drops equally with a carrier oil and gently massage onto the temples or onto any desired pressure points.

*Note: Consumer data has shown that completion of one course of full treatment consisting of 3 bottles highly correlates with desired results.

Testimonials From Geniuses Everywhere
Best natural therapy for ADHD!!!

Having many browser tabs open in the brain, that’s what having ADHD feels like. It just feels impossible to fully focus on one simple task. Because once you’re reading halfway through a sentence, your brain checks out, like everything else going on outside is a million times more interesting. It took me one hour just to read 6 pages. Thankfully, I found a remote control to my brain, Asusto™. I just need to diffuse the scent and I could put my attention onto the task without getting distracted, for a long period of time. I don’t know why it works, but it just does. I had lesser stress and more confidence that I was going to ace my exam and guess what, I really did!

Chelsey Hampton
1 month ago

✔ Verified Purchase

Remarkable solution

I’ve recently became a finance manager and the stress is really what you cannot imagine. There were times I had many cups of coffee and I could still make a beginner mistake in my paperwork. The worst is when I spent more than half a day trying to problem-solve an account when the error is right in front of my eye all the time! I knew I needed fixing fast. I gave everything a try and Asusto™ was really the one that kept me my job and even allowed me to perform better. My clients are happy, everything was done on time and accurate. I even helped my company to cut down up to 60% cost!

Joseph Warner
1 month ago

✔ Verified Purchase

My dream came true…

I’m 80 this year and it’s always been my dream to publish a book before I pass on. But before I could realise that dream, I really struggled. I would often forget the right words and I notice myself getting cranky towards my loved ones at random times. Time was ticking, and I really just wanted to enjoy the rest of my time with them. Somehow, the universe brought Asusto™ into my life and things kept going well ever since. Inspirations kept coming along, I was in my flow and the next thing I knew, my book was published! There’s been thousands of reads and I just can’t be thankful enough for everything!

2 months ago

✔ Verified Purchase

It works on anyone, lol

Wanna hear a funny story? My gal was complaining how her grades were bad yet she’s not doing anything, right. One day, we’re studying at my place, I thought of using my mum’s essential oil to hopefully help her concentrate better. You know what, we’re both surprised at the jump in our grades for that subject. And it was only that subject because for the rest of the subjects, we didn’t use Asusto™, which we’re now asking ourselves why didn’t we haha.

Victor Dean
1 week ago

✔ Verified Purchase


Authentic product, the scent smells fragrant and comforting. It helps set my mood to get things done and I did see a boost in productivity. Fast delivery too.

Alexis W.
1 week ago

✔ Verified Purchase

Relaxing and brilliant!

It’s my third purchase this time so you know how good it is. At first, I bought it for the sake of relaxing purposes for my own yoga session in the morning. Then, after I asked my mum to join me. I realized her memory seems to have improved. She doesn’t bother me a lot on where she placed certain things now. I definitely think it’s the works of this oil.

2 weeks ago

✔ Verified Purchase

Nicely done

The packaging is the same as it’s posted. The scent is not too strong yet works well enough because whenever I have anxiety, and I apply this with a carrier oil, I could almost immediately calm down and be able to solve whatever problem I’m facing.

3 weeks ago

✔ Verified Purchase

This helps!

So, I heard this helps the brain regenerate neurons and stuff. I was skeptical but I’m really glad it works on my child. It upsets me so much when TBI had took away the things that make her human. Seeing her struggle with her speech, memory, concentration and mood swings to now being finally recovered. And even became a better version of herself.

Dana C.
3 months ago

✔ Verified Purchase

Thinking and feeling smart

Turning only 38, and my mind is already going haywire. Besides forgetting things often, I couldn’t even process simple mathematical calculations in my head to be able to teach my little one. I didn’t want to fail as a mother, so I tried this oil recommended by my friend. It really did clear up my head, allowing me to respond faster and even see new patterns. Now, I can stand tall and calculate the lunch bill for my friends in front of my daughter.

2 months ago

✔ Verified Purchase

Good protector of the brain

I have tried many brands and this is the best sandalwood scent that I liked. 1 bottle of it could last at least 3 months as well. As the oldest employee here in the bank who hasn’t retired, I had to make sure my analysis and judgement is always clear. I was worried about cognitive decline after I passed age 70, but I guess Asusto™ has really kept it away. Till today, I still work like my brain is in tip-top condition. There isn’t an issue that I can’t solve.

Mrs. Green
3 months ago

✔ Verified Purchase

✔ Verified Purchase

✔ Verified Purchase


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