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How a Stickman Defied Stereotypes and Became a Sumo Wrestling Legend

Known as the ‘Stickman’ sumo, Hakuto triumphed over competitors twice his build. He was even crowned ‘The Immovable Giant’ of Japan. His earth-shattering moves leaves anyone trembling in the ring.

With his behemoth-like build, he knocked his opponents out without breaking a sweat. Hakuto took pride of his achievements and ability to represent his traditional Japanese Culture- until his 11th world championship… he dropped cold before contact.

Losing his consciousness and his 27th winning streak, Hakuto was diagnosed with a progressive heart disease that comes with his pudge. Doctors urged him to take immediate action or he might not recover from his next fall.

“With a lifetime of hardships from strict discipline, vigorous training, and harsh schedules…”

“I thought I recognized true pain and struggle.”

“Until I heard the news about my condition.”

“Just like that, I felt all my worth and glory ripped away”

– Hakuto

The Test Of True Strength

With his life on the line, Hakuto knew he must lose the pounds. It began with all sorts of diets. From Paleo, Keto, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, Atkins, Weight Watchers, t weight loss supplements endorsed by nutritionists.

Ineffective, he signed up for gym classes, HIIT sessions, and CrossFit, but nothing worked!

He even went for gastric bypass surgery, but it only helped a little. Empty and lost, he bounced back to his old sumo-portion eating habits.

He was about to give up when he received an email. A die-hard fan who watched all his matches claimed he could help. Coincidentally, that fan happens to be Dr. Eiichi, an expert dietician and nutritionist and the only descendent of the royal physician for the great Emperor Kammu in 794 CE.

Hakuto’s situation reminded Dr. Eiichi of Emperor Kammu’s lifestyle.

“Emperor Kammu has always been able to enjoy up to 20 lbs of rice and meat daily.”

“While maintaining a fit figure and excellent health.”

“The more I looked into Emperor’s diet, the more I became convinced…”

“That it held the key to the so-called ‘Kammu paradox.’”

“About how emperors eat rich, fatty food and manage to stay fit and avoid heart diseases.”

“The royal archives stated that Emperor Kammu was once as wide as he was tall.”

“Unhappy with the image, he ordered his royal physician to find a remedy.”“To trim off his excess bulk, granting a desirable physique.”
“With years of studies and tests, they finally discovered a natural wonder.”

“That allows Emperor Kammu to lose weight without sacrificing his heavy dining habits”

– Dr. Eiichi

Green Magic Beans

This natural wonder is the beans of an aromatic dark green plant which are now widely known as green coffee beans. Known to grow especially well in Japan with its clean air and soil composition, they are essentially unroasted coffee beans.

Prepared by soaking overnight and boiled to extract its flavour and nutrients, it is served to Emperor Kammu 3 times daily. This royal secret is passed down from one physician to another until Dr. Eiichi.

“Raw beans contain chlorogenic acid that gets destroyed in the roasting process.”

“It is a compound that has potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.”

“Known for minimizing glucose absorption, which in turn helps reduce weight”

– Dr. Eiichi

The Birth Of Kimuutox™

Dr. Eiichi realized there is great potential so he took matters into his own hands. He modernized this traditional practice into a special patch and called it Kimuutox™. As the world’s leading nutrition expert with 15 years of experience in the field, Dr. Tyler ran tests and assessed Faith’s her cellular respiratory rate, and charted readings of her musculoskeletal activity and caloric intake.

“Kimuutox™ is composed of concentrated extracts of green coffee beans and lentils.”
“Lentils are known to boost the functionality of leptin in our body.”

“To regulate energy balance by inhibiting hunger, which in turn limits fat storage.”

“They are also known to detoxify the body with its diuretic properties.”

“The combination of green coffee beans and lentils amplify the potency of its active

“Making this patch more effective than consuming the brewed coffee itself.”

“Kimuutox™ infuses the goodness of its active ingredients through our navel.”

“To activate fat-burning cells, lower glucose absorption, and maximize inch loss quality.”

“Its innovative transdermal technology speeds up lipid metabolism…”

“To thoroughly cleanse our body from toxins and impurities”

"Kimuutox™ is botanically-based, so it’s safe to use for anyone"

"For optimal results, apply one patch daily for 8-12 hours."

"Best part of all – it works conveniently without the need to exercise."

– Dr. Eiichi

Hakuto thought it was too good to be true but tried it anyways. Incredibly, the pounds started to drop. In 1 week, he lost close to 30 lbs! In over month, at least 95 lbs were gone. 2 months after, Hakuto managed to lose a total of 209 lbs!

But he truly shed tears of joy when his doctors told him he has fully recovered. Free from his disease, he felt a burning desire to return to the wrestling scene.

Unfortunately with his massive weight loss, he was urged to not compete to avoid getting hurt, so Hakuto turned to coaching as an alternative.
And the most incredible thing happened. While Hakuto was performing an example technique to his students. He easily eliminated his best and biggest student yet.

“I thought by losing my weight and size, I can never be a sumo forever.”

“I never knew that even being small sized, I could overpower someone much larger.”

“That was when I decided to compete again”

– Hakuto

Knockout That Turned His Life Around

In his first match after recovery, Hakuto defeated an opponent twice his weight and size, leaving everyone in the audience in stunned silence. Hakuto continued making history ever since, dominating even top-ranking sumos worldwide.

Eventually, he was promoted to Yokuzuna, also known as a grand champion and the highest form of honor of any sumo.

Nobody was happier of Hakuto’s achievements than Dr. Eiichi

“Although , Kimuutox™ is primarily used for weight management…”

“The lentil’s high protein and fiber content help retain muscle mass and strengthens them.”

“So, you can lose weight while boosting strength and vitality with zero effort”

“That is why Hakuto thought weight was what he needed, but good health triumphs all”

– Dr Eiichi

Kimuutox Garners Positive Feedbacks

In a clinical trial, Kimuutox™ was tested on 1200 people and over 95% reported drastic weight loss within 1 month!

Among them were Violet Lilah, who suffers from high cholesterol and diabetes.

“As a single mother juggling 3 jobs, I had NO time for a healthy lifestyle.”

“My colleague suggested Kimuutox™ and I didn’t believe it at first.”

“But the results were incredible! I lost over 70 lbs in 1 month.”

“And my health report states that I’m finally free from diabetes and high cholesterol!”

– Violet Lilah

Due to the scarcity and exceptional health-boosting properties of the green coffee beans. it has become the royal family’s best kept secret for centuries.

Even now, suppliers are facing an extreme shortage of green coffee beans due to limited harvesting from heavy snowfall in the mountains.

At last count, there’s only enough for a couple hundred patches left and they’re selling out fast! When they do, it won’t be until next year when it’s back in stock.

Stop struggling to get yourself in shape.

Join 235,000 others to experience the miracles of Kimuutox™.