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This Kid Who Couldn’t Move For Years Became A Neurosurgeon To Save Herself

Managed to cure over 4k patients within her first year alone, Dr. Susey is the best neurological prodigy in the science world today! Without the need of therapy and surgery, she’s the first who can fix paralysis victims including herself!

However, it wasn’t always success and glory for Susey.

An Unfortunate Past

Unlike other children, Susey was born with an irreversible condition. At first, it was just the slight numbness of the body when she’s a kid. But eventually, she couldn’t even sense her fingers and toes at all; it’s like freezing them in ice.

She could see them touching but just couldn’t feel it.

Slowly removing the control of her own body, the disease forced her to spend the rest of her days in the hospital. All by the age of 5.

“I cried when the doctors told me Susey had the worst case of Cerebral Palsy.”

“It normally takes years to be wheelchair-bound but my poor Susey was already bedridden in just a few months.”

“Whenever I talked to her, I’d only get silence in return. Even breathing could become a challenge for Susey in some nights.”

“It broke my heart when I couldn’t even know what food or color she liked.”

“She was robbed of a happy kid’s life. I couldn’t imagine how lonely she was to be trapped inside.”

– Annie, Susey’s Mother

The Light Of Hope And Faith

Desperate, Annie brought her for countless therapy sessions, medications and even acupunctures. Nothing could make any improvement in her condition and soon, she was no different than a statue.

Unwilling to give up hope, she continues trying any treatment she could find under the sun. Yet, there were still no signs of success. But just like a miracle, during one of her daily visits to the hospital, Susey’s fingers started moving again!

After a few days, she was finally able to move her upper body and was able to walk for the first time in 3 years within the first week of recovery. By the second week, she was as energetic as an athlete!

She eventually returned back to school, surprising everyone as she exceeded all her peers with an intelligence of a college student. She even started understanding Biochemistry at just the age of 8, and got a university scholarship to study surgery, medicine and neurology!

“I could never imagine being here if it weren’t for my mom. It was like being trapped inside a shell of a person. No matter how hard I tried to move and screamed inside. None would notice me.”

“The only thing that calmed me down was my mother’s scent, letting me know that my mom was always there every day.”

“When I could talk again, I asked my mom for the scented bag she had. Although she looked at me weirdly, I insisted that it would help me in my recovery. And the next thing we knew I was hugging her in tears during graduation.”

– Susey

Search For Answers Begins

World’s leading neurologist, Dr. Ira, was fascinated by her story. Curious about her willpower to burst through her stone-like state, she decided to visit her house for answers.

“I was shocked to see a whole jungle in her house and they were all from just one species of plant which gave the house a strong, unique scent that made me feel more awake than I have ever been.”

“Because during my stay, not only was I able to remember every information, but I was also able to help Annie with her architectural projects.”

“My math skills were on par with hers as if I was also an architect! Despite my field being in neuroscience.”

- Dr. Ira

Interested in the scent, she asked Annie about it and this was her response.

“I once had a major emotional breakdown when I was looking after Susey in the hospital.”

“That’s when I recalled my late mother’s unique way to calm emotions by using her own recipe of incense.”

“It was made from an ancient tea tree leaf, which I managed to regrow it myself.”

“Since then, it helped me stabilize my mood before meeting my daughter. I would even put some leaves into a bag and pray with Susey.”

“And somehow I felt she was really there with me praying alongside, as if she was normal again.”

– Annie

An Insight Behind Her Magic

Though skeptical, Dr. Ira still took a sample of the leaves to her lab. What she found next was something mind boggling.

“It turns out, the leaves of the tea trees have a ton of Terpenoids. This chemical is known for promoting blood flow, more specifically towards the brain, making it richer in nutrients and resources.”

“This means increased memory as well as better decision-making skills. The extra nutrients will also allow for regeneration of damaged nerves, allowing neurons in the brain to better communicate again with the rest of the body.”

“Slowly, it helps the body to function at its best, which explains why Susey was able to move again and how both Susey and Annie could become the smartest people of all.”

– Dr. Ira


Realizing its life-changing potential for people similar to Susey, Dr. Ira decided to create an enhanced version of the incense; by extracting the essence from the leaves and infusing it with the highest amount of Terpenoids possible.

After months of trails and errors, Otomi™ was created.

“Simply apply Otomi™ on the temples of the head, the scent will pass through the nasal passage and stimulate the nervous system of the brain as well as enhancing brain and neuron activity.”

“Not only will Otomi™ promote brain healing but it would also allow the brain to operate smoothly and organized, enabling you to have better multi-tasking and learning skills.”

“The scent of the leaves would even give you a more focused and calmed mind, which made for a more enhanced attention span and mental responsiveness as well as better cognitive ability overall, maintaining your brain to function at its peak performance no matter your age.”

- Dr. Ira

Going Further Beyond

To test the effectiveness of Otomi™, a clinical trial was conducted with over 2,000 willing volunteers. The first volunteer to try was none other than Susey.

“It was surprisingly better than the scented bag my mom gave. Ever since I used it in my routine, I started absorbing even more information than ever.” 

“Soon, I managed to finish my multiple degrees, only 2 years after enrolling.” 

“I couldn’t thank Dr. Ira enough for the opportunities she gave me. To give back to the community, I became a neurosurgeon and with the help of Otomi™, I was able to cure thousands in the first year.”

– Susey

Only One Of Many

Not long after being employed as a neurosurgeon, Susey soon gained a reputation amongst her peers for having the most accurate hands in the science world.

Along with Susey’s experience of the product, 98% of volunteers from the clinical trial reported to have more mental stability, better focus and more accurate cognitive abilities.

Susey is only one out of many thousands of success stories. So why wait when you can unlock the full peak version of you today!