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The Longest ‘Driveathon’ : Rust Bucket
Travelled Over 3000 Miles On One Tank Of
Fuel Non-Stop!

A dream come true, these lads were once deemed mad scientists for succeeding a mission impossible. They successfully crossed America’ longest highway – travelling 3,365 miles from Boston to Oregon without stopping for gas in one rusty car whose fate belonged in a junkyard.

“When we first started out, we were laughed at a lot. Many thought we were drunk and have lost our minds”

“But we’ve proved them wrong”

“Our ‘junk’ outperformed many modern cars in fuel efficiency and horsepower”

“And even as college students, we broke the world record…”

“Of longest distance travelled without refuelling”

– Walter Craig, 21 | Founder of Miles™, Automotive Engineering Graduate, Inventor

To Infinity And Beyond

Walter Craig is the man behind Miles™ – a gadget designed to save 40% of the fuel consumption in any vehicle.

But this revolutionary idea didn’t sprout out of nowhere.

“My dad’s a trucker who spends 16 hours on the road”

“He claims he could earn more if he didn’t spend all those time refuelling”

“So I asked myself, what if I can make that a reality?”

– Walter Craig

Along with his team, he spent 3 years researching and developing and the completed prototype presented results so incredible that they wanted to show the world they’ve made history with a device like no other.

So Walter challenged a renowned energy company to a performance match of the furthest distance travelled in one tank of fuel.

His opponent presented a state-of-the-art intelligent vehicle equipped with the latest fuel injection technology.

While Walter’s team came in with his grandpa’s 40-year-old junk on wheels. He was teased and doubted by many, thinking it was a joke.

But Walter had the last laugh.

The Automotive Transformation

The professional elites of the automotive industry were blown away. Walter and his team’s junk car far exceeded their opponent’s. Lead engineer of the energy company, Chris Truman was intrigued by their success and realized that Walter’s invention carries huge potential.

“In my 22 years in this industry, no vehicle has even come close to Walter’s”

“Despite being an old junk, its fuel efficiency is off the charts!”

“They deserve the opportunity to change the world with their creation”

– Chris Truman, 58 | Lead Engineer

With Chris Truman’s help, Miles™ undergone mass-manufacture and now has over 500,000 units in the market.

“Miles™ is the most advanced fuel-saving, patented device”

“It is equipped with an electrolysis condenser that generates electromagnetic waves which magnetizes the fuel molecules via the magnetic field around a fuel line by the carburetor”

“This process aligns the molecules, allowing fuel to burn in a neat manner, resulting in over 40% fuel saved for any fuel-based vehicle”

“Miles™ acts as a vehicle performance amplifier as it improves engine performance and reduces power consumption of on-board equipment such as stereo, air-condition and lights”

“It also provides more horsepower, longer battery life, and greater throttle response”

“With regulated fuel consumption, Miles™ gives cars cleaner emission which means less unpleasant fumes”

“Just plug it into the 12V cigarette lighter of your car and it instantly works”

– Walter Craig

The End To Overconsumption

Word of its fame travelled fast and was caught by renowned F1 specialist, Henry Curtis, who is a Formula One constructor, combustion expert, and mechanic.

“At first Miles™ seemed too good to be true, so I put it to the test and it proved itself beyond anything I’ve ever seen”

“It’s fuel efficiency makes it the highlight of our century”

“Miles™ multiplied Formula One race cars’ overall performance by 3. Maintenance cost is halved, and our win rate improved by 57%!”

“Best of all, refuelling is reduced from 6 to 2 times for every race”

“It’s pretty much a performance booster for any fuel-based vehicle and it all comes from a device the size of a pen!”

“This is going to revolutionize the way people travel”

– Henry Curtis, 37 | F1 Constructor, Combustion Expert, Mechanic

Since its launch, Miles™ has helped over 315,000 worldwide save tons on fuel. It sparked a nationwide movement of pushing less fuel use for a quality, cleaner, and more affordable drive.

And Shania Remy is amongst the thousands who is thankful for Miles™.

“As a Californian, I can confirm that we have some of the longest traffic jams in America”

“It’s a pain to let our cars run idle in traffic for hours every day especially knowing how increasingly expensive fuel is”

“Miles™ allows longer drives without draining my hard-earned money and my husband and I have now saved at least 800 dollars a month in fuel”

“Plus it’s safe and easy to use – just plug it in and drive away!”

– Shania Remy, 43 | Professor

Miles™ Is Taking The World By Storm

With Miles™, transporters and shipping companies have saved up to 70% in operation cost, bringing majority of them out of debt. Miles™ is presently being used all over the world, from the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, France, to Asia.

With Miles™, there’s no more wasting time queuing at gas stations. Start experiencing a smoother, more responsive, and cheaper drive!

And go further with less energy and fuel with Miles™.