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For Years This Little Girl Kept Her Angelic Voice Hidden from the World

They knew something wasn’t right the moment she was born. Doctors were baffled by her silence when they found nothing physically wrong with her. It took one specialist to trace Natalie’s problem to her time in the womb.

With an underdeveloped brain, she couldn’t even make a sound or cry when she needed help or attention from her parents.

But her parents never gave up on her and today, this polyglot is the Youngest Opera Singer in the world!

Body’s Supercomputer

A complex organ, medical sciences have only just begun to understand the extent of our brain’s ability. It controls every aspect of human existence and behavior, from thoughts and memories to motor skills and breathing.

Because of the sheer complexity of this single organ, there are several ways scientists divide up the anatomical structure: the left and right hemispheres, occipital, parietal, temporal, and frontal lobes. And the third category is the gray and white matter.

The Gray Area

There has long been research into the link between intracranial gray matter and intelligence. It was found that individuals with high intelligence are born with a larger percentage of gray matter in comparison to those who grow up with lower intelligence.

The gray matter of the brain houses the highest concentration of nerve cells and neurons. These cells are what allow the brain to process information and communicate with the rest of the body.

Neurons About It

The basic building blocks that form the grey matter, neurons are essential in the communication and processing of information.

They consist of a cell body with structures on either side called dendrites and axons. The dendrites are a branch-like structure and contain receptors that bind with the neurotransmitters from other neurons. Once the information has been absorbed, the neurons send out chemicals and electrical signals through the axon. When neurons begin to decay, a healthy brain and body will be able to makeup for the loss by the reproduction of new cells.

However, when the production of healthy neurons fails to exceed or match the rate of decay and death of neurons it leads to a plethora of mental diseases.

The Decay of a Mind

Whilst aging related conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s are often associated with widespread cerebral grey-matter atrophy, some can be caused from as early as fetal development.

Doctors report that fetal brain development can be negatively impacted from diseases or exposure to smoking or alcohol, or even stress and mental health conditions like depression from the mother. This can lead to anything from low intelligence to childhood dementia, ADHD, or autism.

Known as Salvia sclarea, clary sage has been known for centuries for its nootropic properties. New research however has discovered the science behind their miraculous abilities.

Originally used as a method of stress reduction and as a natural antidepressant, it is also able to improve brain health by increasing 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) which is important in the regulation of mood, learning, cognition, and memory.


Found within clary sage, linalool is commonly used in traditional medicine thanks to its neuroprotective effects. When presented to oxygen-deprived cortical neuronal injuries, it is shown to boost the blood flow in the cortex to reoxygenate decaying neuron cells.

In terms of therapy, linalool also shows the ability to reduce intracellular oxidative stress. This leads to protection, anti-oxidation, and anti-inflammatory activities within the gray matter of the brain.

Linalyl Acetate

An ester of linalool, linalyl acetate is a monoterpenic compound that has been shown to have anxiolytic activity. When breathed in through the olfactory senses, linalyl acetate begins to decrease dopamine concentration within the striatum and instead increases serotonin levels within the hippocampus.

Working as an anti-agitation, it allows the brain to calm down from anxiety and balance out an individual’s mood which will help those suffering from emotional instability like depression.

Non-Verbal to World-Class Debater

Before he was even born, doctors were concerned about David’s development. Genetic testing showed that he would suffer from mental disabilities. Despite his parents’ attempts to prepare for their son, reality was far harder when treating a boy who was non-verbal beyond screams and tantrums. His third therapist recommended Utasen™ to his parents and it would change the family’s life.

Day 3

David has started becoming more responsive to outside stimuli. He is also able to finally pick up sign language to ease communication with his parents.

Day 7

After using Utasen™ daily for the past 7 days, David has spoken his first words. He’s been transitioned to regular schooling and has since excelled. He’s taken an interest in debates as he yearns to understand other people’s points of view and is eager to learn new experiences.

Day 14

With a fortnight of daily Utasen™ uses, David has excelled further than his parents ever hoped. In the short time since he started speaking for the first time, he has taken part in his first debate competition. On the track to being a national champion at the tender age of 12, David’s parents are so proud of how far he had come.

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