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Double the Trouble: The Story of Two Identical Twins on Opposing Sides of the Spectrum!

Most twins stay together, even in adoption but not for 93-year-old Joanne who learned that she was different.

This renowned rocket scientist just discovered that she was split apart from her twin sister, Sarah, for over 90 years!

All because of a mass slip up at a hospital when they were babies. At the time, no one knew what had happened until reporters made the exposé of the decade:

More than a dozen babies had been mixed up including these sisters. But when they reunited, nobody believed these completely different people were actually identical twins.

One twin is a 180 IQ rocket scientist while the other was in a care home stricken with mental conditions.

It got people wondering how could these twins be total opposites when they have the same genes?

Dr. Bernard Shaw, a geriatric neurologist for over 30 years saw their story and he was puzzled about these night and day sisters.

“Identical twins usually have similar lives, even if they’re separated at birth.”

“So, Sarah and Joanne’s case should be impossible.”

– Dr. Shaw

He wanted to know how it was even possible that their lives ended up so differently. So, he decided to investigate more on them.

What he found amazed him.

The Same Starting Line

Both Sarah and Joanne had a poor start at life. Unfortunately, they were diagnosed with autism at 6, but that’s where the similarities end.

Sarah’s adopted parents made sure her live was full of love and care. But it still wasn’t enough for her.

The kids at school would always pick on her because she would act out every day while at school. Sarah never really fit in. She saw school as a chore, and her grades were suffering because of it.

She barely graduated from high school at 20-years-old.

Eventually, she settled down and had a family and it seems that Sarah finally had her happily ever after, until one day.

As if autism didn’t already impede her life, she was diagnosed with dementia on her 57th birthday.

At first things didn’t change much. It began with harmless things like forgetting her keys or putting gas in the car.

But things quickly escalated from there.

“Mom got lost so many times that we had to accompany her when she went out.”

“It even came to a point where she forgets to eat and had to be hospitalized due to extreme malnutrition.”

“We had no choice but to put her in a care home for her safety.”

“Our happy family was broken up.”

– Sarah’s Daughter

Gateway To Genius

Joanne led a completely different life than Sarah. Although they shared the same troubled childhood, she was a certified genius for everyone to see.

She always seemed bright and always has inspiration for something new.

At just 14, she built a rocket in her backyard with just a few simple parts, when it took scientists billions of dollars just to build one!

By her 17th birthday, she graduated from MIT and became the youngest rocket scientist in history.

Her next level genius earned her the title “The Female Einstein”. Even in her 90’s, she just keeps improving with no signs of stopping. She became the oldest ever winner of the International Space Prize.

“I have this routine that I do in the morning.”

“Since I was a kid, my parents would use this home-made oil and rub it on my temple every morning.”

“Whenever I smell its scent, I feel calm and my mind is crystal clear and I can concentrate for the whole day no problem.”

“I still go through this routine everyday.”

– Joanne

Dr. Shaw was in complete disbelief at her drastic improvement when she was a kid. He wanted to know what cause this overnight change that seemed to come out of nowhere.

He suspected that it was oil Joanne’s used in her ritual, but it just sounded too good to be true. So, he asked her for some of the oil to continue his investigation.

Liquid Gold

The results would change the entire field of neurology.

Testing shows a 50% increase in his brain activity as soon as Dr. Shaw used the oil. He felt awake and aware of everything around him.

In just a few weeks, his memory recollection improved to the point that he’s twice as efficient at work.

With these results, he conducted further research on this oil to reveal its hidden properties. He discovered that the oil contains ylang ylang extract, a rare flower that only grows in Madagascar.

It contains geraniol a potent neuroprotective compound, which keeps the brain safe from damage and aging. Stimulating brain cell regeneration and growth to help us calm down and concentrate for longer hours.

Making History

Dr. Shaw knew that this was the holy grail to his life’s work and that it needed to be shared with the world.

So, he assembled a team to purify and concentrate the effect of ylang ylang and using a state-of-the-art distillation system he formulated Blume™.

“Aging can cause a healthy brain can lose its edge.”

“Because of a sharp drop in the production of neurotransmitters, brain cells start to die off or stop regenerating like with Sarah.”

“Unfortunately, once the deterioration starts, it doesn’t stop.”

“In more severe cases, patients develop dementia or even schizophrenia.”

“But Blume™ shields the brain from this deterioration thanks to its neuroprotective properties.”

“It stimulates the body to produce neurotransmitters that repair and grow brain cells.”

“Not only leading to a maintaining a healthy brain, but also a larger one.”

“Helping us to stay calm and focused, no matter what”

“It even has a positive effect on patients with PTSD or ADHD”

– Dr. Shaw

Return Of The Sister

Dr. Shaw immediately began clinical trials of Blume™ and the results exceeded expectations.

Patients show in average, an increase in brain mass of 15%, leading to increase in memory and cognitive abilities by over 10 times.

A first ever in any sort of neurological testing.

One of the success stories is none other than Sarah. After decades of living in confusion, her life has finally made a complete turnaround since using the oil.

“I felt like I was living in a nightmare I couldn’t wake up from.”

“But after 30 years, I’m finally awake!”

“This disease robbed me of everything I had but thanks to Blume™, I’m a new woman.”

“I remember my family again and I feel better than ever.”

“I’m out of the care home and reunited with my family and long-lost sister.”

“I might just try out becoming a nuclear scientist to match my sister.”

– Sarah

“Just like our skin, we need to take good care of our brains too.”

“It can age and get damaged over time.”

“Although it was impossible to reverse brain deterioration, Blume™ has become the first proven way to preserve and keep the brain youthful.”

– Dr. Shaw

Unfortunately, supplies of ylang ylang are extremely limited and will only be restocked next year. It might be too late if you don’t move quick.

See for yourself and experience a whole new world with Blume™.