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Unravel The Story Of The Faceless Girl Who Became A Real-Life Goddess

When beauty is difficult to achieve and maintain, many would spend a fortune on skincare, treatments… All to make themselves beautiful for a long time.

But, there’s Lina who could do nothing about her looks. As she was born without a face.

“I still remember how they told me to mentally prepare myself before I see her.”

“As it was difficult for the doctors and nurses to even find her facial features.”

“At that point of time, I had thousands of thoughts running in my mind.”

“But once I saw her, tears started rolling down my eyes…”

“As I started questioning myself was I the reason that her face was disfigured.”

“When she grasped my finger, my heart felt warmed.”

“I promised her that no matter what happens, we’ll face them all together.”

“But the challenges were indeed not easy.”

-Rachel, Lina’s mother

Little Kid, Big Aches

When Lina turned 3, her distorted features made her breathing difficult and even obstructed her vision, making her the first youngest ever patient to go through …

27 major surgeries! Striving through the operating pains for a new face and skin till she was 13, Lina was left with multiple surgical scars.

Despite all the successful surgeries, she even suffered some side effects that caused her skin to become drier than normal and to sprout dark spots more often than others under the sun.

As if these weren’t enough, Lina even had multiple acne breakouts which gave her even more scars!

“Knowing how people would react once they see my daughter,”

“My husband and I decided to protect her by covering her face whenever we’re out.”

“We even removed all the mirrors in our house, fearing she would break down again,”

“Just like the time when she accidentally saw her face once.”

“Despite trying all kinds of recommended ointments and creams on her,”

“Even pricey laser treatments, chemical peels…”

“In the end, nothing worked out.”

-Rachel, Lina’s mother

Red With Thorns

As there were no other modern treatments that could help her, Lina and her parents could only helplessly wait for future technologies.

That’s when Lina’s reconstructive dermatologist discovered a breakthrough and she’s no other than Dr. Brianne who has been treating her since young.

“After waiting for 3 years, I was assigned to research about a case in Korea,”

“Where people have been actively discussing on a lady who couldn’t age.”

“To learn more about it, I went to her place and I was shocked to find…”

“That she was actually Miss Yoo, an ex-beauty queen 52 years ago!”

“Now age 70, I couldn’t figure how she could look exactly the same as before?”

-Dr. Brianne

With a translator accompanied by Dr. Brianne’s side, this was Miss Yoo’s answer.

“For many years, I have been practicing a routine ever since an unfortunate accident that left a deep cut on my face.”

“I became popular everywhere I go because of the big scar.”

“But ever since my mum taught me to apply this paste made by crushing the flower petals of a specific Korean rose species we planted ourselves,”

“The scar just faded completely.”

“Surprising the whole village, they started spreading my news all around.”

“That’s when many people who had undergone failed plastic surgeries came to us, leaving our house with only flawless faces.”

-Miss Yoo

From Faceless To Princess

Curious about how magnificent this rose species is, Dr. Brianne collected a small sample of the rose for research. What she found next was simply mind-blowing.

“This rose is a rare species that could live up to 100 years old without decaying!”

“It contains the most polyphenols, which are the most powerful antioxidant to protect our skin cell from damage,”

“Allowing our skin to maintain ever youthful.”

“Besides that, this rose has high wound-healing properties,”

“That explains how Miss Yoo could look like she’s never been injured before.”

-Dr. Brianne

Convinced that this could help Lina, Dr. Brianne adopted the routine and applied the exact procedures onto Lina.

Next thing they knew, the scars and stitch marks could nowhere be found!

“When I run my fingers down my face, it feels really smooth.”

“The little bumps on my skin have completely flattened out.”

“My skin shines and glistens under the sun instead of developing more dark spots.”

“And it's even constantly hydrated without acne episodes anymore!”



At that moment, Dr. Brianne wanted to share the routine to the whole world but she knew that not everyone has the time to follow the exact same steps.

So, she formed a team of renowned dermatology and geriatric experts and created an advanced formula to what’s known as Rossaviie™ today.

“In normal and young skin, our collagen cells are layered in its proper structure to support and lift our skin,”

“But when our skin gets damages or as it ages, these collagen cells will break apart, forming uneven skin texture, tone and different types of scars.”

“This is where Rossaviie™ steps in to repair the structure of the collagen cells into the skin’s original composition and texture.”

“With the help of the rose’s polyphenols and hyaluronic acid combined, Rossaviie™ gives our skin the glow and bounce it needs through rehydration,”

“Resulting in a whitened and even skin tone.”

“As it nourishes and moisturizes your deepest skin layer and as our skin barrier continues to strengthen,”

“Skin creases, fine lines and all types of scars will be eliminated to gift everyone a smooth and youthful look all the time,”

“Just like how the roses could live up to 100 years old!”

-Dr. Brianne

Seeing Shiny Faces Everywhere

Ever since the official launch of Rossaviie™, thousands of happy users have been sharing their success stories on social media. Lina was also one of them who has recently been busy with magazine shoots.

“Rossaviie™ has provided me even greater results!”

“No matter what I eat or how little hours of sleep, I’d always look prepared without any makeup.”

“Thanks to Rossaviie™, I finally have the courage and confidence to hold my mum’s hands…”

“And face all the cameras and mirrors wherever I go.”

“I was no longer the poor kid who needs to cover her face anymore.”


Besides Lina, here is what 50-year-old Sonia excitedly wants to share.

“I really regretted not having a proper skin care routine since young,”

“It made me look like a grandma witch for many years.”

“It was only until I tried Rossaviie™, that I could see my face brightened, tightened and lifted in just a few weeks.”

“No more age spots, wrinkles but just bouncy, hydrated skin.”

“I wasn’t afraid of going out and being judged anymore.”

“I still can’t believe Rossaviie™ could help me look like I’m in my teens again.”

“Now, there are many men asking for my phone number!”


True beauty is about feeling confident and comfortable in our own skin and no one is ever too old for a change.

Are you ready to feel good with a fresh look?